Warpig Humbucker

The Warpig is the hottest, thickest, sludgiest sounding pickup in the Bareknuckle arsenal. It’s absolutely perfect for death metal and doom players, but works equally well to thicken up thinner, brighter sounding guitars with it’s sledgehammer low mids and smooth top end. It’s surprisingly articulate for a pickup with such high output and remains real tight in the lows all the time.

Bareknuckle say:

The Warpig humbucker was originally conceived as an all-out extreme metal humbucker capable of seriously dark and saturated tones. However it soon found uses as diverse as jazz and fusion establishing itself as a major player in the Bare Knuckle range. The twin screw coil design produces an even and controlled treble response, working well with intense levels of gain. Bass and mid-range response is monstrous and the different magnet options allow for the tone to be further refined to taste. The default Alnico V magnet creates the smoothest high-end with a totally organic mid range grind and deep bottom-end. For players looking for even more output, the ceramic magnet option delivers faster bass reaction, smoother mids and a sharper cut in the highs.

If you would like a Bare Knuckle pickup or variant that is not currently in stock, please contact us and we will have it for you promptly.

All of our humbuckers come with 4-conductor wiring for more wiring options, and unless they have soapbar 7-string covers, short legs with triangle tabs for multi-compatibility.