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The Sinner Single Coil

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The hottest single coil pickup Bareknuckle make, the Sinner has the juice you need to turn any single-coil equipped guitar into an absolute monster.
As a standalone bridge pickup paired with two lower output singles, it can provide the muscular base for a super versatile Strat. As a set it will turn your Strat into a modern high-gain shred machine.
The top end has enough articulation to cut through any mix, the lows are massive and the output is huge.

Bareknuckle say:
When it comes to output, The Sinner single coils will give any humbucker a run for its money and allows players to maintain the look oftheir Strat. Unlike a humbucker or hum-cancelling coil, The Sinner set retains the extended frequency response of a true single coil with deeper lows and more presence in the highs. The bass tracks extremely quickly for fast, palm muted riffing, while there is plenty of weight in the upper mids and highs for a screaming lead tone that really punches through. Although designed for the high-gain rock player, step off the overdrive and ease back on the volume pot and The Sinner coils produce a solid contemporary clean tone.

We spec our single coil sets with a RWRP middle coil so you can benefit from hum-cancelling in positions 2&4.

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