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Alex Milovic Signature - Multiscale Bass Strings

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Handmade in the UK, These Newtone Multiscale Bass Strings are specialty built for Dingwall Basses, and other brands which fan from 34"-37" but will still work on standard scale basses. 

They are all constructed of Hex cores with Stainless Wrapping, featuring taper windings over the bridge on the thickest 3 strings. This retains maximum brightness and articulation, Even with low-tuned, heavy gauges.

If you require any gauge at all for any type of bass not found here, we are able to assist with custom orders. Just contact us


Full Gauges:

Alex Milovic AMDF: .053 .070 .090 .130 .174
Alex Milovic AMDG#: .043 .057 .076 .098 .150