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Lazy Comp

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The Lazy Comp was designed with unprecedented ease of use in mind - the control of just a single external knob, fully adjusted in-house at Anasounds.

There is no need of knowledge of complicated studio-style compressors to get fantastic results from the Lazy Comp. But don't be fooled by it's simple appearance, there is plenty under the intricately etched bamboo topped casing.

This optical compressor delivers squash, dynamics and harmonics with it's internal analog preamp. The sound entering the pedal is divided into two signal chains - clean and compressed. This gives the player a full scope of compression from bypass to bloom with the turn of the single Blend knob. 


External Controls:

Blend: Mixes the unaffected and compressed analog signal paths.


Internal Trimpot Controls:

Volume: Controls output volume of compressor signal. 0% - no volume 100% - increases output with the use of the blend knob.

Comp: Increases the value of the optical cell, saturates at 100%.

Light: Increases front indication light intensity.