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Irish Tour Single Coil

The Irish Tour is the quintessential blues-rock Strat set, definitely our preference for a do-it-all Strat.

These babies have a nice, balanced tone with plenty of strong mids and awesome SRV-style grind in the top end, even with thinner gauge strings. They can fill out a rhythm section and equally leave a band behind in a solo. Roll back the volume and you can still tap into those earlier vintage Strat sounds. Works best in ash bodies to fill out the mids but is equally at home in any other type of Strat.

Bareknuckle say:

The Irish Tour single coils take the 42 AWG plain enamel wind to the max with a clarity and depth that can only be achieved through hand-winding. Although big strings and strong hands result in a huge tone, the powerful output of the Irish Tour coils allows mere mortals an equally big and gutsy sound. Low notes have a fuller, richer tone with more weight in the mids, while the high strings respond with a rounder chime and warmer harmonics. The hotter wound bridge can push a tube amp into natural overdrive while the calibrated mid and neck coils retain the hollow, woodiness of the Bare Knuckle Pickups Mother's Milk coils but with extra output.

We spec our single coil sets with a RWRP middle coil so you can benefit from hum-cancelling in positions 2&4.

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