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Impulse Humbucker

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*We can also special order the Impulse Single Coil neck pickup as used by Josh in his guitars for 6 & 7 Strings. If you are interested please contact us.*

The Impulse humbucker set was designed from the ground up by yours truly to be the ideal all-round modern pickup for baritone guitars, especially ones tuned low with big strings. 

The bridge pickup exhibits a neutral midrange, allowing the natural timbre of the guitar to really shine through and prevent any undesirable midrange frequencies poking out, a common problem with Baritone and extended range guitars.
It has an airlock-tight bottom end, and a harmonically rich character akin to the rebel yell. Highs are smooth and never sound abrasive or thin. There’s just the right amount of compression to sound consistent across the entire fretboard, and enough output to push an amp without losing clarity, maybe about 20% less than the Blackhawk.
Low notes sound huge and thick, chords create a wall of sound, there’s plenty of sustain on tap and the blade design is ideal for evens sounding bends and string-skipping riffs.
Although both neck and bridge are equipped with Alnico-5 magnets, the bridge is as tight as any ceramic, in fact I deconstructed the first prototype to check the magnet for sure because I couldn’t believe it.
While they handle low tuned high gain with ease, they also excel at just about anything else you throw at them, especially mid-gain tones which is something that not many pickups geared towards this purpose can do.
The neck pickup is asymmetrically wound to give a little extra clarity and articulation, and makes for great coil splitting options. While the Impulse was designed for a specific need, the neutral voicing has made these pickups adaptable to just about any application. Many Les Paul players have fallen in love with the pickup as have the 7 string community.  

Bareknuckle say:

The Impulse humbucker is a full, tight pickup that embraces down-tuned guitars but can also handle medium-gain applications for full, muscular, rock-mids.
"A finely tuned pickup for the lowest tuned player." - Josh Smith,
One of the founding members of 'Northlane', guitarist Josh Smith explains exactly what to expect from his signature pickups:
"The neutral and broad sounding midrange of this set seems to work well in just about anything and act to enhance the natural voice of the guitar without adding any offensive frequencies. While designed for my uses and excelling in baritone guitars, Les Paul guys, especially ones using big strings will love the clarity without anything too bright sticking out and the low-mids getting too cluttered.
Progressive players will love the versatility and harmonic richness.
Down-tuned metal players will love the fullness and tightness they get without any mud, especially if they're using an amp with a thick low-midrange. People playing in open or alternative tunings with a lot of range will like the consistency in tone, compression and feel between registers.
Rock players will love the full and muscular mids of the humbucker and how it handles medium gain applications.
Pedal junkies will love how they take to overdrive, fuzz, modulation and time based effects without getting lost.”
"The thing about the Impulse set that I like the most is that they're real players’ pickups and although designed for me, they don't sway towards any particular genre of music. Just about anyone can buy these pickups and get a lot out of them in most applications. Whether you're a lead player with red-hot chops, or the rhythm player holding down the meat and potatoes, Strat or Les Paul, or baritone 7 string like me, the Impulse set has something to offer to you."

If you would like a Bare Knuckle pickup or variant that is not currently in stock, please contact us and we will have it for you promptly.

All of our humbuckers come with 4-conductor wiring for more wiring options, and unless they have soapbar 7-string covers, short legs with triangle tabs for multi-compatibility.