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The J.Rockett Guthrie Trapp Overdrive is the most interesting and unique overdrive we've had come through our doors.

We found it dense and very saturated, thick and full sounding. It's very tight sounding, yet not overly bright.

We found the GTO perfect to go in front of something lower gain like a JCM800 as a main boost. It's great for players wanting to make their classic amp scream, Also great for players who are already boosting their rhythms with something else and need a little more for their solos. The GTO will make those solos sound liquid, articulate and full with great sustain.



Level – Interactively controls the overall output. The more gain, the louder it will become so you have to use the two in conjunction

Gain – Controls the gain level but also creates compression and feel. It blends with the clean signal so you can really find interesting sounds. We found the Gain knob really adds saturation more than overdrive or distortion.

Accent – Controls the cut through the mix, the top end and the bite. Adds articulation and cleans up low mids, 

Warmth – Controls the bottom end but is also very interactive with the Accent control. You can really fatten up the mids but use the accent to keep it from getting woofy. We found the warmth knob adds a sense of size and expands the upper bass area. Widens the mid bandwidth sound and smooths out the top end.