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Fredman Microphone Clip

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The Fredman micing technique is one of the most popular techniques for micing and recording guitar cabinets, particularly in the modern metal / rock community. The technique was pioneered by Swedish producer Fredrik Nordström who used two Shure SM57 microphones, placed on a 45 degree angle between each other. The placement of these microphones use the phase relationship and cancellation to reduce the top end fizz found in many hi-gain guitar sounds. 

The Fredman microphone clip from Wilkinson Audio offers a quick and easy solution to perfectly align and place the microphones for the Fredman Technique. The clip helps you achieve the perfect phase relationship and microphone angle every time, in a matter of minutes, and will maintain perfect placement for the whole session.

This clip is compatible with the following microphones:

  • Shure SM57 x 2
  • Shure Unidyne III x 2