Evertune F Model - 6 String

The Evertune bridge is one of the most innovative guitar products to come out in the last decade. It's revolutionary design is made up of a mechanical spring system that compensates for string tension deviations in real time, resulting in perfect intonation across the entire fretboard and indestructible tuning stability in even the wildest playing conditions. The Evertune Bridge will shave hours off tracking time in the studio, normally spent preciously managing tuning and intonation and will be your best friend for the stage, you won't even need to keep a tuner on your pedal board!

The Evertune system requires a cavity to be routed out of your guitar and should be done by an accredited installer to ensure proper operation. Our preferred Australian Evertune installer is Harron Custom Guitars and can be contacted here. Your guitar can be shipped from anywhere in Australia for the Installation process. 

We advise getting in contact with your installer prior to purchasing to ensure that your guitar qualifies and that the correct bridge is selected for install. 

For more information about Evertune Bridges, suitability or installation, or for availability on unlisted parts or bridges please contact us!

Please note: Boutique Sounds does not accept responsibility for malfunctioning operation of Evertune Parts or bridges unless installed by an accredited Evertune installer. Proof of purchase from your accredited installer will be required in the event of any warranty issues.