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Archer Ikon

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The Ikon has a slightly smoother, silkier top end than the silver Archer. If you’ve got a brighter set of pickups or amp this pedal is a more suitable option than the silver variant.

J-rockett’s heralded, enhanced recreation of a legendary KLON Centaur Gold transparent overdrive pedal. While it works great in classic applications, it’s also fast finding a home as a boost for hard rock and metal players giving a more open, full sound than the tried and tested TS style boost. Retaining the natural timbre of the instrument and player and shooting it into the stratosphere. It can be used as just a clean boost by turning the gain all the way down. As you introduce gain it will attenuate the clean signal but there is a magical blend in between that you will find.



Output - adjusts loudness of signal

Gain - increases the overdrive in the circuit. Also attenuates lows and adds mids as you turn it up, keeping the tone tight and tidy at higher levels of saturation

Treble - adjusts level of treble cut


When Bill Finegan, the original designer and builder of the Klon Centaur decided to take his sought after small-production pedal to the masses, he recruited Jay Rockett to make it a reality. Jay built the original Klon KTR (mass produced) units and then the two companies parted ways. While the Klon design is one of the most copied in existence, J-rockett couldn’t be more qualified to build the most accurate recreation of the Centaur in the Archer. According to many sets of ears he hasn’t just done that, he’s improved on it, using many of the same NOS components as the original Klon.