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Apex Preamp

The Apex Preamp is a direct replacement to your favorite distortion pedal, an entirely new channel added to your clean amp, or a dirty channel replacement on your high gain amp. Integrates in any situation, in front of an amp or modeller, into a poweramp or straight into a mixing console. 


Turn the cab sim knob OFF when using a real cabinet. Turn the cab sim ON when going direct or into an interface.
Massive amounts of gain. Start at 0 and turn up until you reach desired saturation.

Tight Switch
Engage for more aggressive rhythm tones without adding more gain. Disengage for buttery leads.
All the way left completely removes the gate circuit. All the way right gives you a mega-tight & modern gate. 
  • Designed to pair well with digital & tube rigs.
  • Built by MXR, guaranteed to last.
  • Perfect for the on-the-go recording guitarist.