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Bare Knuckle / CTS Potentiometer

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The Bareknuckle/CTS potentiometers are a great upgrade that we personally use on all of our own guitars. With a slightly higher value than the standard 500k or 250k more widely used, the tone becomes more open in the highs and lows. You’ll notice a bit more clarity and articulation in the top end, and a bit more thump in the bottom and a tiny bump in output. The effect on the guitar’s sound is similar to removing a tone circuit.
We recommend 550k for humbucker equipped guitars, 280k for single coil and 550k long shaft for guitars with a deep arch top, ie Les Pauls. These custom pots are suitable for both volume and tone applications and feature imperial split-shafts.

Bareknuckle say:

These pots feature a custom audio taper, smooth torque and +/- 10% tolerance and are specially made for Bare Knuckle by CTS.