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Play then Pay

Ever wanted to try out a piece of gear, at home through your own rig, with your own guitar, in your own time?

At Boutique Sounds, we know what it’s like trying to hear yourself over somebody else playing Stairway, under the close watch of a judgemental, high pressure salesperson.

That’s why we’ve introduced Play then Pay for selected products.

How it works:

  •  You sign up to the Play then Pay plan via the link on the selected product's page.

  • A 5% deposit is paid upfront and the remaining balance is scheduled for 10 days later.

  • We ship the item

  • If you think it’s rocking, the remaining balance is charged 10 days following payment of the deposit

  • If you’re not vibing it, the remaining balance will be paused, and cancelled upon safe return of the item.

full terms and conditions available here