With the vision of bridging the Australian player with a wider world of musical equipment, Boutique Sounds was created as the brainchild of Josh Smith (Northlane) and Chris Blancato (Bare Bones, Producer/Engineer).

As long time lovers of playing and recording music, we followed our passions into profession. We have had the privilege to use some amazing musical equipment through both our travels and studio time and in some cases also meet the people behind these awesome creations.

Being in Australia it is often difficult to get your hands on a lot of these products in a timely manner and at a globally competitive price. Shipping is expensive and can take weeks, backorder logs can be endless, customs fees can be a nasty surprise and many people miss out on finding that tone in their head, simply because what they need in their signal chain isn't at hand. It can also be a chore to track down people that can give you real world, unbiased advice. Especially with real first hand experience.

We wanted to solve this problem, and bring you only the best from the most exciting manufacturers in a purely online, secure marketplace with fast order dispatch.

We will only be stocking brands that we personally use, manufacturers whom we've already built a relationship with, or products that we know from first hand experience. We aim to share with you, the player, as much knowledge as we possibly can. We also know that while it's one thing to try something out in a store, you really need to take it home and use it in the environment you're familiar and comfortable with, without the pressure of a salesperson to know if it's right for you. That’s why we’re offering our play then pay policy.

Get in touch with us today and let us help you find that sound in your head