SM57 Dual Microphone Adapter

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The Shure SM57 is one of the most commonly found microphones in studio microphone lockers and live rigs, forging a name for itself through decades of live shows and records. Although it remains unchanged in design, engineers and producers have continued to find new uses and applications for the iconic microphone, usually pairing with other microphones. It's hard transient response makes it perfect to pair with softer sounding small diaphragm condensers, this technique famously being used on the massive sounding snare drums of albums such as Metallica's Black album.

Wilkinson Audio offer multiple different sized clips to attach most popular small diaphragm condensers to the SM57, aswell as an option to attach two SM57's together to capture multiple places on a guitar or bass speakers. No longer will you be cleaning that unwanted gaffer tape residue off your microphones from taping them together!

The SM57 Dual Microphone Adapter is available in multiple sizes for most common small diaphragm condensers, however is also compatible with many other microphones. For a full list, see our Wilkinson Audio Sizing Specifications
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