ORTF Microphone Clip

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Wilkinson Audio is often well known for innovating audio products that provide solutions for studio problems you didn't know you were having. One of the best examples for this is the ORTF clip. The clip gives you the perfect placement between two microphones in the ORTF position, placing the two capsules 17cm apart at 110 degrees. This technique is often popular for drum overheads, drum rooms and ensembles as it offers great stereo imaging and minimal phase issues.

The ORTF clip is great for freeing up a mic stand or getting placement in spaces which would be tricky to align correctly due to small spaces with too many mic stand bases or working above head height. Setting up this mic position is done perfectly in seconds, and will give you the freedom and ease of auditioning multiple techniques fast, to keep your session moving along.

The ORTF Clip is available in multiple sizes for most common small diaphragm condensers, however is also compatible with many other microphones. For a full list, see our Wilkinson Audio Sizing Specifications

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