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DC Solderless Cable Kit

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Three Monkeys have changed the game with their DC Solderless pedalboard kit. You can now cut your own custom length DC cables to feed your favorite effect pedals.
True freedom from the currently bundled, cheap plastic DC power plugs and cable. You can now easily route your power neatly and safely away from signal to give the quietest noise floor possible. Neater boards are also easier to troubleshoot and less likely to fault.

Each DC solderless kit contains 10 plugs and 10ft of cable.

Can be used with your Voodoo Lab Pedal Power and ISO 5, Strymon Zuma and Ojai, MXR DC Brick and Iso-Brick, T-Rex Fuel Tank, Pedaltrain Powertrain, Walrus Audio Aetos and Phoenix, Pigtronix Power, Truetone 1 Spot Pro, and other popular effects power supply units which output from 2.1mm plugs.

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