Bitoun Fuzz

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The Bitoun Fuzz is an octaved double fuzz circuit. 

It combines the circuits of the Anasounds feed me (fuzz face style) with a part of the Shin-ei Superfuzz - known for it's beautiful octafuzz. Like the rest of the Anasounds range it is incredibly customizable with a host of options under the hood paired with simple external controls.


External Controls:

Tea: Output

Biscuit: Tone


Internal Trimpot Controls:

Light: Adjusts intensity of external indicator light

Ring Modulation Frequency: Delivered at 40-60% for the octave effect to stay well audible up and down the neck of the guitar. Outside this range the ring modulation hears less, and the octave effect is less pronounced.

Bias: 0% -  transistors are always on, little noise and huge sustain. 100% gives a germanium/starved battery effect with a noise gate appearing. Delivered at 25% for massive tone and long sustain.

Fuzz 1: Amount of fuzz from the Feed Me circuit. Delivered at 50%. Goves from a light crunch at 0% to crazy squared fuzz at 100%. 

Fuzz 2: Adjusts the superfuzz circuit. This acts more as a gain/volume control in comparison to fuzz 1 which is used to saturate the transistors and add noise. Delivered at 75%

Feed: Feed me's heritage preset that allows playing on the guitar impendence. Delivered at 50%